One of the more preposterous arguments in favor of Kendrick’s “i,” was that the notion of self-love was inherently radical. And by definition of hating it, you were somehow against a positive affirmation of self and not a corny and cynical Grammy and licensing grab to out-Mackle Macklemore. As though self-esteem and motivation hasn’t been a linchpin of rap songs since Muhammad Ali was the first God MC. No need for wars or bombs going on to proclaim one’s sheer awesomeness. Shy Glizzy, el Jefe, has known this all year, as “Awwsome,” has become the biggest song to break out of D.C. since well before Fat Trel first started sleeping with Blacc Chyna (unconfirmed).

There is no difference between screaming “I’m so fucking awesome” at full volume as there is to scream “I Love Myself,” except only one of them doesn’t feel like you’re covertly advocating for masturbation. Besides, if you scream that you’re fucking awesome enough times, you will love yourself anyway. At least, if I am to believe Dr. Stuart Smalley.

Glizzy first came on the scene as a D.C. version of Boosie, but has since found his own voice. What I love about this is that it’s a trap anthem that doesn’t necessarily rip off Atlanta. It’s minimalist to the point it’s barely there other than some triplicate hi-hats, but it doesn’t feel like a ratchet song either. It’s like D.C. itself, halfway between the south and the north, which probably makes it rightful for A$AP Rocky to cameo. This is the sort of thing that he and 2 Chainz were made for. 16 bar rampages that don’t make you worry about content. This is a pure style exercise to make you throw your hands in the air, shadow box, shadow jump shots, incite speeding tickets, fist fights, and pure joy. Swish.

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