Evan Nabavian would settle for Financially Stable Homie Quan

From where I’m standing, it looks like we’ve hit the apex of flamboyant, shirtless, caterwauling, lean-soaked, molly-fueled rap. That’s not to say it won’t get bigger, but its stars are experiencing the euphoric, intoxicating high that my seventh grade health teacher warned me about. Rich Homie Quan’s life, per his Instagram, can be characterized by his infant son gumming a gold Rolex. He and Young Thug provide an apposite summary of the moment they’re having in the images of the “Lifestyle” video.

But “Too Short,” a loosie co-starring Metro Boomin, is the true victory lap. Scrappiness turns to self-assurance as Quan controls melody better than on any of his hits. He sings almost every line in homage to the principles that got him here — deference to the G code, money over everything, and contempt for hoes. His wardrobe is half Hamptons Puff Daddy, half Goldust. He and Metro bop before a non-descript Atlanta background, filmed by a handheld camera, with a relatively meager deployment of video girls. But the next-level banger gives them the hubris of Greek gods.

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