Passion of the Weiss Halloween Mixtape #2 — Mixed by Evan Nabavian

Spooky, Scary. Something.
By    October 31, 2014


Evan Nabavian knows where the chalupas are buried.

Without realizing what I was doing, I recently started putting together a playlist of creepy, unsettling tracks. Now, I have no patience for the horror genre. I’m anxious and neurotic enough that my imagination really doesn’t need help scaring itself. However, I make two exceptions: 1) Resident Evil 4, which is just an awesome game, and 2) The chilling sounds you can find on soundtracks, psych records, and beat/electronic oddities. I picked songs for their atmosphere: a Persian folk song turned psychedelic dirge, the theme from a 60s yakuza flick, and madcap instrumentals from French 70s vanguards. It makes for a macabre listen on Halloween, though not as scary as what you’ll encounter at the 14th Street Taco Bell this Friday night. That’s where NYC’s dark forces come to roost.


1.Toru Takemitsu – Pale Flower M1
2. William Sheller – Opus magnum, Part 2
3. Tomita – The Old Castle
4. Roger Davy – Suspense Electronique
5. Gershon Kingsley’s First Moog Quartet – In The Beginning
6. Philippe Besombes – PFJ 261
7. Actress – Street Corp.
8. The Heliocentrics – Primitivos
9. The Heliocentrics – Something Bad a Coming
10. Tigers – Take Leila Away
11. Philippe Besombes – Pawa 1
12. Tessela – C’mon, Lets Slow Dance

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