Deen is a beast – his dog got a dog

You know what I could get used to? A new generation of rappers mining that mafioso rap aesthetic that did some damage back in the mid-90s and did everything from giving us a slew of classic albums and artists to influencing some of the better tracks we’ve heard in this latest era of rap music. After all, things go in cycles and I’m pretty sure some Vegas rapper signed to MMG just joined YG on a full-on G-Funk revival song. Do you know how long I’ve been praying for a G-Funk revival in rap music? Of course you don’t, but I can definitely tell you that I’ve been praying for a mafioso rap revival for even longer.

Rick Rawse at his lushest (see “Mafia Music”), Willie the Kid at his most bookish and Roc Marciano at his anythingest have all done a lot for the subgenre in recent years but it’s even more promising to see and hear new jacks embrace a similar aesthetic. Jaay Lathario and Courteous L (the latter has graced PassionWeiss before under the moniker Liym Courteous) definitely sound as if they’ve spent more than a few hours listening to niggas like AZ and Raekwon rap and I’m all the way here for it.

I suppose everything on “Oasis” really starts with that subdued gem of a beat, produced by Sick Siah. It’s really the kinda shit Jay-Z should be doing his rich nigga mumbles over in his old age. Those flutes just sound like opulence and decadence to me and appropriately, the rappers fall right in line with dexterous and luxurious level about vices, the good life and the come up. I almost wish this shit had dropped back when niggas had million dollar video budgets. I like to imagine that this video would be a cross between Mobb Deep’s ‘It’s Mine’ and Nas’ ‘Hate Me Now’, give or take an albino tiger or two. This shit’s still pretty fly on a budget though – good hairbrushes and custom hats don’t come cheap.

A lotta old heads bitch and moan while claiming that there’s nothing good outchea anymore but I’d posit that you just aren’t looking hard enough. After all, you keep hankering for the good ol’ days and citing shit from the era when the Wu and whoever the fuck else were giants. Well, Jaay Lathario and Courteous L just did y’all a favor with this smooth shit and they weren’t even looking backwards the whole time. Forgive me for speaking for y’all’s behalf, but this IS what y’all want right?  If it ain’t then I can’t really help you. Go be sad over there – away from me – while I enjoy these grandiose Mikhail Prokhorov hairbrush raps.



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