December 3, 2014


Peter Holslin vows to be the first music writer to file copy from the International Space Station.

I have a friend who has a toddler son who’s obsessed with the moon. He immediately grabs onto anything circle-shaped, and when the sun goes down, I hear once trotted out to the backyard to yell, “Moon! Moon!” If you look into this little guy’s eyes, there’s an intensity there that you can only describe as magnetic. It’s like he’s stirring the tides within his own mind. He’d probably be stoked to play a show on the moon some day. He can open for Open Mike Eagle.

This fall I’m paying tribute to Earth’s planetary satellite, and in general to all things atmospheric. These tunes are anchored by heady textures, spaced-out beats, and moonlit guitar licks. There’s some tracks that will take you down back to the home world, just in case you get homesick. But there are also cosmic vibes and wide-open spaces, plus one extended dispatch from a land famed for its lunar topographies. So strap on your space suits, cosmonauts, and don’t forget to breathe.

ZIP: P.O.W. Fall Mix ’14 – Peter Holslin

P.O.W Fall Mixtape ’14 — Peter Holslin by Passionweiss on Mixcloud


  1. “Rhubarb” – Aphex Twin
  2. “Jon Lovitz (Fantasy Booking Yarn)” – Open Mike Eagle
  3. “Webbie Flow (U Like)” – Isaiah Rashad
  4. “Waterfalls” – Instra:mental
  5. “Hazor” – John Zorn/Bar Kokhba Sextet
  6. “Paper Trails” – Darkside
  7. “Shut Out” – The Walker Brothers
  8. “48” – Tyler, the Creator
  9. “Memory Lane” – DJ Dodger Stadium
  10. “Second Chance” – Caribou
  11. “The Times” – 2562
  12. “Glass” – Kode9 & The Spaceape
  13. “Evening Patrol” – field recording by Porest
  14. “Ya Dada Ya Sha’lan” – Hamid Al-Saadi


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