MobbDeen ain’t have no muffin money

It’s immediately clear from the opening twangy notes of “Break” that you’re listening to some shit in the tradition of classic Pimp C all the way down to newer beat-smiths like DJ Burn One and Big KRIT. Basically, country rap tunes. Credit for this earthy concoction, give or take a cowbell or two, goes to a Texan producer that goes by the adorably canine-friendly moniker, Pugtunes.

But there I go burying the lede again. The real stars of the show here are Rob Gullatte and Show Louis, Houstonians and all-round impressive rappers with a knack for that everyday nigga shit that resonates with real ass niggas. Do you know how trill it is to admit that your baby moms isn’t going to see that day-care money until the 1st because you’re broke? I can’t necessarily relate to that shit because my pullout game is on James Deen levels but I appreciate the sentiments.

Gullatte, in particular, is a fairly impressive rapper that tends to give you the impression that he only does this shit because he’s really fucking good at it. His 2012 tape, Abortion: The Project, was an intense, detailed and impressive piece of work. Unfortunately for those of us that fucked with it, his output since has been a tad spotty. Probably because of life n’shit. We’ve all been there. But believe me when I say that he’s really talented. Or better yet, go listen to his shit.

Thankfully, he’s back with Show Louis in tow and “Break” is the first salvo from a joint project titled The Sophisticated Savages and it’s safe to say that I’m looking forward to the project, thanks to Break. Lord knows I LOOOOOVE whining about the women in my life too – don’t tell my girl though.

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