Four Out of Five Dealers Recommend It: Chester Watson’s “Trident” Video

The new video from the best teenaged rapper.
By    January 6, 2015

Clutching the trident and the swisher, the skateboard Poisedon of St. Pete causes another minor quake. No new land masses are formed, but Chester Watson reps the Nu Age Syndicate and if you squint long enough through the smoke, you can survey the contours.

Herein lies the video for “Trident,” which captures the feeling of being 17 better than any essay you could read or write. The euphoric sensation when sparking a blunt is its own sign of triumph, when the words in your head are as loud as the loud in your lungs, and “mystery” seems more exciting than fearful. “Trident” is a subterranean coming of age — when you want to retreat to the cave after the realization that nothing is what it seems. Except for the struggle.

So in mild code, Watson breaks down the natural fears from every mother whose child doesn’t get a degree. He stakes his own vision, stoned and striving, asking for too much from promoters to survive. Peeling off in a black stained hearse, cursing himself for being young and at one with the earth. The revelation comes as the song starts to fade. His own anxiety allayed through rudimentary mantra: just chill and enjoy each other’s company. Spark the fireworks.

Video directed by Julia Updegraff. Instrumental courtesy of DRWN. Buy the song here.

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