After a two-month hiatus in which we raced around the world battle rapping in (separate) hot air balloons for Fuse TV, Nocando and I have returned for the latest Shots Fired. In a token gift for random haters who have been demanding more free work from us, we’re dropping a very special two-part episode. The structure is eerily similar to the episode of The Fresh of Bel-Air where Carlton goes to be tough in MacArthur Park. In this case, Nocando steels me from a future of certain ruin in the middle of a podcast. It’s deep like the mind of Minolta.

But picture this: we have Kevin Martin (The Bug) for Episode 84. He appears after a Part I in which we catch up on our holidays, Nocando’s recent tour, Utah strip clubs, snitching, cops, and the movies — including “Inherent Vice” and “Birdman.” If you’re reading this site, you already should know about the inveterate greatness of the British producer, whose career encompasses innovative turns in techno, bass music, dubstep, grime, hip-hop and more. It’s one of my favorite episodes and a must listen even if you hate beats and the phrase “must-listen.”

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