February 3, 2015

Big League ChewWe are not in the business of posting every song from every rapper. Leave that to the thirsty vultures who need to be regularly doused in Gatorade (or something worse). But there’s rules to this shit. I haven’t made myself a manual, but when Action Bronson and Alchemist drop a song called “Big League Chew,” you start typing.

The SoundCloud tag says “Mr. Wonderful,” so I’ll hope that the A&R’s leave their Kid Cudi-model electric guitars at home and include this on the album. Due out March 24. Maybe. Hopefully. Bronson’s at his best when he’s the most loose and comfortable — when he’s rapping like he’s rocking very loose pants. Both Blue Chips are masterpieces because Party Supplies’ iPod-shuffle samples bring the waxen weirdness out. On “Big League Chew,” Alchemist leaves the murda muzik on the hard drive, crafting that beach volleyball tropical escape cliff diving music. But with the gritty drums learned from the D&D apprenticeship. When Bronson evaluates his own perfect plunge (“I’ll give it a 9.3”) it achieves a Fourth Wall absurdity of singular design.

If you took acid and listen to this, you might see Action Bronson stepping into an episode of Saved By the Bell, snatching Kelly Kapowski, giving Screech noogies, and grabbing an Easton aluminum bat and smacking it 500 feet. Lenny Dykstra-sized plug of Big League Chew in his cheek. Slater would watch, jaws dropped. I give this a 9.6.

Via Nah Right

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