MMG’s Got a Shot: Tracy T & Boosie Throw Money Like They’re Jordan Belfort

Meet the hungry as fuck Tracy T
By    February 18, 2015

0008_Tracy T

Evan Nabavian is getting Rick Ross more lobster bisque

The first six words of “Choppas” are the same word yelled in semi-automatic bursts. Maybach Music Group’s Tracy T draws an outsize character for himself with a halting, explosive flow made for live shows and posing with weapons. He’s MMG’s young gun, loudest and hungriest of the crew, and he’ll make the room shake to get your attention. His mixtape The Wolf of All Streets dropped last year with premium features and production, but he was the star–Rick Ross whispers the hook on “Shooter” to alley-oop another colossal Tracy chant. “Champagne” is perhaps his best record to date, where he marries vitriol with a Migos-like catchiness.

A line like “Niggas bleed when I pull up with a choppa” is banal when you read it in a blog post, but Tracy drops it with the force of a proclamation, as if he’s announcing a mythic figure. On cue, Boosie shows up. He’s the rare individual who sounds natural referring to himself in the third person. His shots are more precise and less self-serious (“I got T.I.P. guns in my closet, nigga”), though no less menacing. While tracy earns a reputation, Boosie’s precedes him. This is the unstated notoriety to which Tracy T aspires, but for now, he’s going to scream bloody murder.

Download Tracy T’s mixtape, The Wolf of All Streets

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