Music Video Sixer: A$AP Ferg, Rocky, JUNGLE., Dan Deacon, & Hundred Waters

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By    February 27, 2015

A$AP Ferg’s: “Doe-Active” & “DOPE WALK”

The two new videos from A$AP Ferg are all about flexing. In “Doe-Active,” Ferg’s at a mansion during Art Basel. He eggs you on with a collage of beautiful women, the prospect of owning a lemur, and luxuriates in a custom Batman robe. Afterward, we greet Drake and A-Trak then head back to Harlem to stunt on 4-wheelers. “Doe-Active” could be Ferg’s next summer anthem. Imagine that Adam Levine drop (in the video around 3:30) anywhere this summer. In the meantime, the bass carries the track and sends me to the fridge for more beer.

“DOPE WALK” is much of the same but was shot (mostly edited) through a FaceTime lens during fashion week. It’s sure to rile up Ferg’s fanbase just in time for the festival season.

JUNGLE. – “Julia”

JUNGLE.’s latest video is another intricate dance number that doesn’t feature T or J. Rather than pretend to know anything about the choreography, I’ll simply say it looks impressive. The progression of the video–slowly adding more and more dancers–is a nice touch, and you can tell they’re starting to garner a larger budget. Most notably, the still (above) highlights everybody who made their self-titled debut such an audio/visual hit.

JUNGLE. are in the middle of their final tour performing that debut. When I spoke with them a year ago, it seemed like they couldn’t wait to start recording their next album.

 Dan Deacon – “Feel The Lightning”

Dan Deacon’s single mixes the styles of a Broad City Intro with a Community Tag, making for delightful Wes Anderson twee. There’s sexy Oompa Loompa’s that look like the Lazy Oaf line come to life, and it gets more bizarre as Deacon’s music grows bubblier. More than anything, this video is a ton of fun and everyone involved helped make it a joyous piece of art.

Hundred Waters – “Murmurs”

The “I wish you” refrain (likely a take repeated digitally) is catapulted by this arresting performance, as she wishes so badly that people could see things the way she does. It’s an incredible visual hook, and the song remains playful throughout.

A$AP Rocky – “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2”

Like Ferg’s videos above, this is another party song from the A$AP Mob. Woozy as “Multiply” but without any features, Rocky takes us to the block outside of a 24HR grocery store. Then, in typical fashion, he flips the song two minutes in and suddenly we’re in a laundry mat. The best part about this and “Doe-Active,” though? The tributes to Yams.

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