No Risk, No Reward: The New Mixtape From Detroit’s Boldy James

A disappointing effort from the talented Detroit native.
By    March 2, 2015


Harold Stallworth is wearing a pair of stonewash denim jumpers

Boldy James’s latest mixtape, Trapper’s Alley 2: Risk Vs. Reward, is a misfire of epic proportions. Mired by cluttered beats, useless guest features and syrupy hooks, it fails to live up to the first installment of the Trapper’s Alley series, much less his crowning achievement, the Alchemist-produced M1CS LP from 2013. By in large, the only redeemable quality of Risk Vs. Reward is Boldy’s own dense and deceptively lazy rapping which, to his credit, shows absolutely no signs of abating.

With the exception of a brief appearance from an ageless AZ on “Teterboro,” an overproduced nod to the New Jersey airport of the same name, Boldy’s entire supporting cast is superfluous at best and counterproductive at worst. So it should come as no surprise that the jewel of the tape, “2 Craps in a Missout,” finds Boldy flying solo over a sparse, warbly windchime of a loop, getting lost in the labyrinth of his own writing. Boldy clearly still has it, but this isn’t it.

Boldy James – Trapper’s Alley 2: Risk Vs. Reward

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