Audio Goodness: Cherry Pickin’ with DJ Monk-One

Wax Poetics unearths a mix from '03, decides to share it with the world
By    March 4, 2015


Chris Daly could freestyle on Sway’s Universe, “ALL DAY”

Look, I get it. Sometimes a mixtape is just a mixtape. While it’s nice to ascribe themes, memories and motives to one person’s grouping of songs, a playlist doesn’t really have to be anything more than “good” to deserve repeated replays.

Case in point, Cherry Pickin’ by DJ Monk-One. Waaaaay back in ’03, Wax Poetics contibuting editor Andrew Mason (aka DJ Monk-One) dropped a bomb of a mix for WP and Adidas. There are no obvious picks here, and it’s likely some-to-most of these tracks are ones you’ve never even heard of before now, which, as far as I’m concerned, makes for an altogether better listening experience. It has some hip-hop, a touch of old skool R&B, a bit of Brazilian and a taste of jazz.

At the time, they dropped it on wax and gave it away for free to the people. Life was good. As luck would have it, the Wax Poetics folks recently appear to have been involved in some spring cleaning and stumbled across a mint, still-in-package copy of ye olde CD and decided to upload, and once again share with the masses, the audio goodness that is Cherry Pickin.


1. Intro

2. “Ocapella” — Lee Dorsey

3. “Tesouro de Sao Miguel” — Rualzinho-Impacto 8

4. “Cherry Pickin’ “ — Sugarman 3

5. “Cherrystones” — Eugene McDaniels

6. “Jungle Music” — Kelenkye Band

7. “Fireweaver” — David Newman

8. “Feel Like Dancing” — Bad Bascomb

9. “Heaven and Hell” — 20th Century Steel Band

10. “Change the Beat” — Fab 5 Freddy & Beside

11. “Can I Get a Soul Clap?” — Grand WIzard Theodore

12. “Patty Duke” — Cloud One

13. “Matrix” — Dizzy Gillespie

14. “Bebete” — Som Brasil

15. “Soul Traveling” — Gary Byrd

16. “Listen to My Turbo” — Raw Dope Posse

17. “It’s Yours” — T La Rock

18. “The Hen” — Louis Chachere

19. “Hap’nin” — Bernard Purdie

20. “Spellbinder (Live)” — Gabor Szabo

21. “Baltimore Oriole” — Lorez Alexander

22. “Keep a Light in My Window” — Ben Vereen

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