Chester Watson Runs the “Voodoo” Down

Never relax, never get comfortable.
By    March 6, 2015



Max Bell’s backpack is made of platinum.

“Voodoo” is the latest spliff in the night, the first release from Chester Watson’s untitled follow-up to last year’s Tin Wooki. Like his best, it’s short with no hook. He isn’t at a loss for words­—he knows what he wants to say. The aim is to never over-saturate; the flow matches the winter wind. The technique is ancient and applied with a shogun’s efficacy. Co-produced by Watson, Art Vandelay and the Stand4rd’s Psymun, the crackle of dirty needles’ bubbles beneath drums direct from dirty-water basements. It doesn’t matter who was responsible for what. Your head nods before you know what’s happening, like they knew it would.


Below you’ll find Watson and Bishop Nehru on a remix of Ritual’s “Amnesia.” (The original remix, sans Nehru, dropped three months ago.) The Doom influence binds them. Only one has moved beyond it. Peep the juju.

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