Dewey Decibel, A Different Drum EP

All of the Cappucino's for the Philly duo of Zilla Rocca and Dewey Decibel -- with love from Drake
By    March 9, 2015


Chris Daly is tending to Harrison Ford

Don’t let anyone fool you, it ain’t always sunny in Philadelphia. If you don’t believe me, look no further than South Philly’s own Dewey Decibel and his recent debacle with Drake (note to Internet: ALWAYS give credit where credit is due). But you can’t keep a good man down, and DD has been good enough to grace us with A Different Drum to help hustlers make it through another day.

Teaming with the incomparable Zilla Rocca (“This beat is brought to you by Three Dollar Pistol,” DD quickly lets the crowd know on opener, “Magnet Powder Raps), these two brothers from different distillers go post-boom bap, marrying narratives with non-sequiturs against persuasive percussion and loopy beats. This is blue-collar art rap for backpackers who carry more than just mustache grease and earphones in their knapsacks.

Clocking in at a shade under 20 minutes, Decibel crams a lot into this EP. Following the call to action of the aforementioned “Magnet Powder Raps,” DD slams his foot on the gas and never drops out of high gear. The spooky “Museum Pass” is likely the only track you’ll hear anytime soon that delves into the world of thick museum fly girls, a category of ladies seldom discussed in any depth outside of docent after hour parties.

“Cappucino” sees Zilla putting a dusty piano on full display with rat-a-tat drum machines while Dewey rolls an 18 for lyrical dexterity. “Blow Out” keeps the piano, but drops the BPM a few notches, and the mic is passed back-and-forth between the two like a warm bottle on a cold night. “Toast to This” boasts a rubbery groove that would do Parliament proud. While closer, “Last Call,” has DD riding out hard over arguably the grittest beat on the project. For those seeking a different beat to dance to, Dewey Decibel has you covered.


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