It’s Them: Action Bronson X Earl Sweartshirt X Alchemist X “Warlord Leather”

Earl and Bronson released very good albums this week. Alchemist released a collabo to celebrate
By    March 25, 2015


Chris Daly plays the guitar with his toes.

No rest for the warlords. Earl Sweatshirt and Action Bronson not only both dropped stellar albums this week, but Bronsolino wowed the crowds in Austin dropping rhymes topped with Texas-style poutine while Sly Tendencies shredded his label for fucking up his actual release. It’s fair to say both have had their hands full, quite often with blunts. With generally positive reviews for each album, you’d certainly be fine with both taking a moment to catch their breath.

Instead, to commemorate the release of their albums, producer/raconteur, Alchemist (who crafted three tracks on Bronson’s Mr. Wonderful) unleashed “Warlord Leather.” Starting with 70s kung-fu soundtrack gongs before sleazy drums and pounding cymbals, it finishes with a raunchy guitar riff, Earl spits first and sounds like he’s having more fun than he’s had in ages. A quick basketball court interlude finds Action demanding, “Put me in coach. I got this, man. I’m on fire,” before, well, being Action. Sports references abound, foot fetishes are discussed, and AB apparently takes on the new moniker, “Dinosaur Legs.” Sway’s hat will never be the same.


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