“Oh My Goodness”: Boogie’s Disbelief

Boogie moves beyond the thirst.
By    April 10, 2015


Max Bell is not against rap or those thugs.

If you’ve grown weary of L.A. gangster rap narratives, you’re not listening. The systemic poverty and prejudice (governmental, societal, judicial, etc.) that breed militant, malicious, and warring factions from Cedar block to the eastside of Long Beach have improved little since Straight Outta Compton. Boogie knows. He was there, in both aforementioned hoods. He used the same three words to express his disbelief.

“Oh My” is the second projectile post-Thirst 48. While the latter dealt with the intimate and Instagram, Boogie’s latest M.O. is obvious—remind all within earshot of the pain that persists. His voice wasn’t built for something as bruising and blistering as the beat courtesy of Jahlil Beats—the lisp is better suited for soft-spoken introspection—but here he adopts an animated, exaggerated delivery that works surprisingly well. When not recalling the sound and feeling of shots fired, he reasserts his intentions for rap supremacy.

All you need to know about the video for “Oh My” can be gleaned in the first few frames. The colors are uniform and uniform. If the video doesn’t blow up, the hook will probably end up on Vine. In a good world, more people download Thirst 48 and attend Boogie’s shows. In an ideal world, they’ll listen.

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