Saga’s Treachery

Lost Codes alum Saga drops an EP of dark DJ tools to get the roughest dancers moving. Dark0 and Visionist are on the remixes.
By    April 15, 2015


Son Raw’s more treacherous than a Game of Thrones¬†extra

Free music is good, but free music good enough to pay for is substantially better. Lost Codes alum and grime functionalist Saga makes the kind of tracks that confuse outsiders but have DJs foaming¬†at the mouth: twisted, bass line heavy tools that can be combined into countless different shapes in the right hands. In the past, you’d probably have to buy a Slimzos’ single or hit up a Youngsta set at FWD to hear music like this, but in the Bandcamp era it’s pay-what-you-want. What a time we chose to be living in.

The release also comes with a floatin’ Dark0 woozy remix for maximum #waviness and a Visionist flip emphasizing standout Tryst’s experimental qualities. For those who like their music dreader than dread.



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