I Don’t Care If They Real or Fake: D. Willz Goes Shoe Shopping

In Oakland, it's illegal to carry more than $60 in cash.
By    May 7, 2015

Haley Potiker can’t keep both feet in the Fiat.

2007 was a confusing year to move to the Bay Area. Hyphy was everywhere: even the most bookish were going dumb, clubs made for basics in tube dresses played Keak da Sneak deep cuts, and Mistah F.A.B.-induced ghostriding deaths stunned the suburbs surrounding Oakland. But amid a sea of thizz faces and Thizz Entertainment emerged a simple man with only $55 and a simple mission: to get a new pair of shoes.

The video for D.Willz’ “Licka Sto” begins with a close up of a clock that isn’t even plugged in. The alarm never rings, but Willz smacks it anyway. Twice. Since he slept with his chain on, he just needs to pick out a shirt. Stretching, he confesses, “I need a pair of shoes but my paper ain’t foldin/ all I got is fifty-five dollars,” and immediately reveals his plan: to buy knockoff Jordans from the dude who sells them illegally out the back of the liquor store. While brushing his teeth, D. Willz explains, “A hundred dollars cheaper/ I get the same deal but they look a little weird/ I give a fuck if they ain’t real.” You’re the only one who doesn’t know this secret, by the way. D.Willz’ neighbor and his mailman and some guy riding a bicycle down the street all have knockoff kicks from the licka sto. Some even have dragons on them.

In just three minutes and nineteen seconds, D. Willz wears four different shirts, all of which prominently feature skulls, and two of which are actually the same shirt in different colors. It’s one of my favorite rap videos of all time.

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