Dropping Bombs on Your Moms: Gunplay & YG Ride Out

Gunplay & YG & Mustard & Low-Riders & Miscellaneous Boolin.
By    May 20, 2015


Say what you want about Don Logan. He’s done enough cocaine to kill off every Brett Easton Ellis character. He’s robbed and threatened to murder to his accountant, which is what you expect from a man with a Swastika tattoo. He may have partially sabotaged his Def Jam deal, but he will not pay for sex. Within the first few bars of “Wuzhanindoe,” his moral limitations are conveyed with crystal meth clarity.

This is allegedly his latest latest single for his Def Jam album, Living Legend, which allegedly arrives in July. Normally, I’d tell you that there will likely be no snow in the summer, but the No I.D.-led Def Jam is quietly letting rappers make raw rap albums. See also Staples, Vince. And the Compton rapper who guest stars on this track — the one who didn’t get the invite to go parasailing with the Taylor Gang. The real Taylor gang.

Someone paid for a Mustard beat, which must’ve come at a significant discount. This is the beat for “Bompton” in the way that “Funky Cold Medina” and “Wild Thing” are essentially carbon copies. But it doesn’t matter when you have Gunplay jumping off walls like his AK is filled with Adderall, yelling obscenities like Pat Riley after LeBron left town. Meanwhile, Y.G.  just glides, a smooth getaway in rap form, always making the crime look easy, always the ideal pairing with Mustard.

This isn’t about to crack national radio, but if I can hear it four times on Power 106, I’ll consider it a minor triumph. At the very least, this is the summer soundtrack to threatening your least favorite financial professional.

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