Low End Theory – Podcast Episode XXVI

Fresh from a 13-month hiatus, the Low End Theory podcast returns.
By    June 1, 2015


In honor of the news of the second inaugural Low End Theory Festival on the auspiciously fated, 8.08, the Lincoln Heights arsonists rain fire with their latest podcast. If you’ve been reading this site for a long time, you might remember that these episodes left a high body count before anyone knew about Serial or a single Shot was Fired. Peruse the archives if you want to lose track of an eon or two. In the 26th salvo, The Gaslamp Killer and Nobody take the helm. The former kicks things off with some filthy psych rock via Fuzz, heads into dirty beats from Jimii Hitmaker and Wajeed, detours from Gail Macdermot into Jay Dee’s “Fuck the Police,” then a freefall into an “All Day” remix. I am told that if you play this loud enough and scream Theosophorus London three times in the mirror, the latter will melt into a giant puddle of snakeskin and feathers.

Nobody’s half starts with “Hands Up,” segues into “A Nigga Witta Gun,” and “Blacker the Berry.” Eventually, Curren$y appears before things fade out with Dert’s “You Can Do Better Than Drums.”  Then again, drums are a good start and occasionally very intriguing.

MP3: Low End Theory – Podcast Episode XXVI (Right Click)

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