Cam and China Stay Crushing

Cam and China fucking up the summer.
By    June 9, 2015


What more can Cam and China do for you people? They helped usher in the jerkin’ movement, which your favorite ratchet producers and rappers leveraged to pop stardom. Then to quote another excellent duo, they took time off while other rappers got jerked. I will never understand why they never got a deal, but I will never understand why Big Sean is a star, so the world is flat, the sky is pink, the fur is never Chinchilla. For the last year and change, the sister duo have been simultaneously demolishing beats and floating light as a feather on top of them. The sort of thing that I’ve really only seen in Missy and Azealia. Their Soundcloud contains the carnage. But you’d rather write love letters to Post Malone. I don’t expect better Internet, but I expect better, humanity.

Here is their latest, “Cruella De Vil,” named after the original baddest bitch. And over a Willie B beat, Cam and China snap like they learned to rap from studying Trina. Willie B’s teardrop trap production ought to have Schoolboy Q screaming that he didn’t get this for their first single. There are no TDE cameos, but NameBrand is in the mix, along with Glasses Malone, who is still bespectacled the last time I Google Image searched him. But the song belongs to the twins, who are the best rapping Twinz since “Round and Round.” But really, maybe the best rapping twins that I can remember. There is nothing left to do or say. These girls are making outstanding rap songs with hooks, bridges, and everything you could want.

There’s also a new track produced by Mustard too, because Dijon remembers where it all started.

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