The Secret of Nymphs: Nicolas Jaar Drops 3 Projects

Give this man all the Chilean Street Pulitzers.
By    June 30, 2015


Nicolas Jaar is an artist who lends himself to either 10,000 word essays or 100 aimless attempts written in as many seconds. He’s doing what most of the best art does: creating strikingly simple and startlingly complex things. It’s not pop music but it’s intended to be popular. There are no esoteric barriers or abstract ideas that can’t be sublimated into a deep grove. You don’t need big words to describe his music and I honestly don’t believe they exist. I once described it as a string of zeros and that’s the closest I’ll come. Your favorite artists aspire towards mutability and constant motion. He is the rare one who achieves it, keeping mostly silent because he can. Deliberate and patient like an archaic craftsman, absent the need for empty futurism because everything seems timeless.

In the course of a week, he’s dropped a pair of mini-albums and a DVD of a Darkside show in Paris. There are too many barren adjectives that I can ascribe to them, so I’ll just leave them here to let them take their own shape.

ZIP: Nicolas Jaar – Pomegranates LP (Left-Click)”


Purchase: Darkside – Psychic Live (Left-Click)


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