Wall of Voodoo: Action Bronson & Alchemist Throw Hexes

Next episode of "Fuck That's Delicious" takes place at a Port Au Prince witch doctor's office.
By    July 2, 2015

ActionBronsonAlchemistRight in time for the Fourth of July comes this collaboration from two of America’s greatest sons-of-an-immigrant success stories. The American Dream is dead. The American Dream is dread. I know. But the American dream can also be temporarily revived in two minutes and fifty three seconds of voodoo.

Bronsolino with the biblical beard stakes out his own religion, fulfilling the dreams of Joseph Smith and L. Ron, burning wax in a room illuminated by burning wax, watching Home Alone, eyed by Jamaican girls, slamming Beamers, throwing Chinese food at enemies, stashing drugs in the assholes of German poodles, skating through customs eating muffins. He’s not fat, he’s merely robust. As in Renaissance times, the waistline is just an indicator of wealth.

“Voodoo” is Action in Kool G Rap mode, machine gun raps with absurd tropical color. The bank getting robbed by the man in Tommy Bahama shirts. Alchemist supplies the funk-soul escape routes to the safe house. Another heist to add to the resume. It’s the first single from the Retarded Alligator Beats album, because of course it is. You can pre-order it here.

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