Candy Flipping: L-Deez with Trackademicks in ‘Lamborghini Ferrari’

The new Fool's Good signee lands somewhere between late-80’s 808 slaps and the mobb music style that dominated of the '90’s Bay. Recommended if you miss Mac Dre.
By    July 6, 2015

The only Republican that Torii MacAdams supports is Ronald Dregan. 

Despite khakhi-clad Brogrammers’ best attempts to gobble up Bay Area real estate and cultural cache, there’s still a lysergic lawlessness inherent to the East Bay. Joy and sorrow commingle in tie-dyed patterns on the east side of the Bay Bridge. Self-styled outlaws range from Raiders fans in spiked shoulder-pads, to dreadlocked teens on scraper bikes, to the last dregs of the Hells Angels. San Francisco’s drug culture has been translated for East Bay sensibilities. Mac Dre would rob you, and Mac Dre would grind his teeth, thizzed out of his mind. L-Deez’ new EP, Lamborghini Ferrari, balances these dualities.

As of this writing, L-Deez has multiple songs on his SoundCloud page with fewer than 50 listens. This didn’t deter Fool’s Gold from releasing Lamborghini Ferrari, entirely produced by labelmate Trackademicks. L-Deez’ style is a Too $hort approximation, unhurried and sing-songy, more concerned with composition by field than nailing each, individual line. What makes Lamborghini Ferrari truly stand out, though, is Trackademicks’ production.

Trackademicks’ work on Lamborghini Ferrari falls somewhere between late-80’s 808 slaps and the mobb music style that dominated the Bay in the 1990’s. The EP’s titular track, “Lamborghini Ferrari,” is rap music stripped to its most skeletal–drums, bass, and vocals. On “Candy Girl,” L-Deez interpolates the Brady Bunch theme song (seriously) for a chime-backed chorus chorus. When the verses kick in, so does the menacing, throbbing mobb music bass. Trackademicks and L-Deez don’t attempt to reinvent the wheel on Lamborghini Ferrari, they just take joy in doing donuts in the intersection.


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