Glizzy and Pooch: The D.C. Champ’s Latest Video and Tape

Frenchie & Glizzy roam the desert to find themselves, coming to IMAX 3D this fall.
By    July 23, 2015


Harold Stallworth is still finessing

Shy Glizzy, the pride of Southeast D.C., is the only rapper gangster enough to dress himself and his puppy in matching outfits. In his new video, he and his pup—some breed of bulldog, presumably a rescue—walk deep into the desert under a bloody sunset, armed with only a shovel and a pair of patchy sideburns, in search of some long-lost buried treasure.

It sounds like the plot to a blockbuster Pixar film, but this is “I Did It,” the second and most effective single off his compilation, Be Careful, which serves as a coming-out party for his hometown crew called the Glizzy Gang. It’s the only track on the mixtape to feature Shy Glizzy exclusively. Here, he could almost pass for a Pixar character, his helium-pitched voice bouncing off what sounds like a mariachi band covering Zaytoven beats. No animals were hurt in the making of this video (but no word on the fate of the sideburns).

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