POW Fest: 10 Year Anniversary Show — Sunday, Sept. 6 @ The Echo

Featuring Boogie, Delroy Edwards, Open Mike Eagle, Chester Watson, Nocando, Saba & The Outfit TX. Special guests announced later.
By    August 10, 2015


Sometime next month, Passion of the Weiss celebrates its 10 year anniversary as a semi-functioning website. We’ve come a long way from our origins as a Silk Road tributary where people could barter rap cassette tapes in exchange for Ibogaine, sassafras, and scopolamine. Those were heady times, but unfortunately, we’ve morphed into something remotely approaching unprofessional professionalism. The FCC will let us be, but the DEA won’t countenance our narcotic liberties. It’s really real, son.

In honor of a decade floating in the ether, we’re throwing a party. It took every ounce of restraint not to call it WeissStock, but I steadfastly resisted. Wayne’s World II jokes remain only timeless in mind, and we all have to learn to live with regrets. For instance, several positive Wale reviews that we once ran.

The artists on the bill come from all over the country. Their music mostly sounds dissimilar. But they’re all united in that they represent a certain underground integrity, one free of ideology. They’re originals who strive to create something new out of the chaos of the past. They’re all among our favorites currently doing it. If you don’t know, you will eventually.

Bold over-arching statements are inherently corny. There’s no need to sing our own praises. Good work should speak for itself. “Keeping it Real” is one of the worst phrases ever coined. But over the last decade, we’ve tried to be as honest as we could. We wanted to single out the best music without hedging our bets or relying on the hidden hand of the machine. We’re far from perfect, but we’ve tried to support what we believe in without falling for everything.

The artists on this bill represent what we’ve tried to do over the last ten years. There will be secret guests too. I can’t reveal them yet, but it’s safe to say that if you can make it to LA for that Labor Day Sunday (9/6), you won’t be disappointed. I hope you can come. And thanks for reading and for the support over the last decade. There’s a lot more coming up down the road. This is far from the beginning, but it’s nowhere near the end.

You can purchase tickets here.

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