A History of O.G. Maco Ethering Himself

U guessed it, O.G. Maco is a lame.
By    August 17, 2015


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While two of the biggest rapping man-babies, Robert Rahmeek Williams and Aubrey Drake Graham, slap-boxed their way through the most passive aggressive tiff in hip-hop history, another beef brewed in the social media ether. Unbeknownst to most, Atlanta upstart OG Maco has been beefing with the only other person who seems to care about his career: himself. For the past few months OG Maco has been on a one-man crusade to burn away any remaining good will built up from his hit single, “U Guessed It.”

Without any apparent logic or motive, Maco has attacked Beyonce, Future, anyone who dared listen to “U Guessed It,” and just about anything within ear shot. The burning question is why? Why did OG Maco think it was okay to speak with the arrogance of a conscious rapper minus the actual talent, critical acclaim, or sales to defend his finger wagging. With that in mind, here’s a look at OG Maco’s methodical path of self-destruction.


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One of the first victims of OG Maco’s shenanigans was Beyonce. Calling this a beef would indicate that Beyonce is even aware of OG Maco or that hip-hop’s resident barnacle even inhabits the same ecosystem as the pop goddess. So what was Mr. Maco’s grievance with Mrs. Carter? According to young Maco Mattox, Beyonce stole her music video concept for “7-11” after seeing his “U Guessed It” video. Maco said, “Beyonce takes my video concept? Y’all act like I’m “irrelevant” and it didn’t happen. 12 millions views of irrelevant. Sure.”

What do the two videos have in common? Well, both videos are shot on location in random hotels. But the similarities end there when you consider that Beyonce could actually afford to pay for a hotel room and Maco is seemingly wandering around a desolate Ramada Inn looking for any inhabitant to listen to his mixtape. Maco, a short time later, revealed it was all an elaborate joke that no one found funny. Maco was apparently trolling the BeyHive in an attempt to teach them a convoluted lesson about hero worship.


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Maco has also proven to be a consummate sexist and does nothing to hide his contempt for (mostly black) women. The always-charming Maco has gone on record saying, “Dog, PLEASE explain when BLACK women went through a struggle? PLEASE. Serious question.” As if this declaration from 2014 wasn’t ignorant enough, he would follow it up with such gems as “Black women are the most annoying of all types of women, but I still tolerate y’all” and “Black women belittle each other more than anyone else on the planet”. Whichever hapless PR intern is saddled with managing Maco’s twitter account has deleted most of these tweets. But thanks to the magic of manual retweets some of Maco’s best moments can still be savored for posterity.


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Now the first thing that probably clued you in that something was off with OG Maco was probably his declaration earlier this year that he was a proud meninist. Maco actually went on record saying as much on his Twitter account, but became incredibly irate when a female reporter from Paper Magazine called him out on it. Sandra Song did a wonderful profile on Maco’s meninism, but it all went off the rails shortly after. Maco threatened to sue Paper Magazine essentially for reporting the truth, but Sandra Song actually did a follow up piece where OG Maco backtracks on all his previous claims (citing a Fader interview in which he sort of denounces meninism).

The most interesting part of the interview is Maco initially denounces Meninism as a joke and then spends the rest of the article defending it’s merits with some weird half thought out rhetoric. The strangest part is when Song calls out Maco for his tweet telling her to “take this fuck shit and shove it clean up your vagina…” he defends the comment. Maco does half-heartedly apologize to Song, but says he still stands behind the statement. Proving definitively that he is the worst type of person.

Future/Fan Base

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“I love Future but I also understand Future has destroyed countless lives by making it cool to be a drug addict. 56 Xans isn’t cool.” OG Maco is petty. Petty in a way that only a one hit wonder could truly achieve. Maco spent July 9th berating Dirty Sprite Legendary for doing what Maco could not and dropping an album to both critical and commercial acclaim. Maco being the consummate fence sitter would later back track on his previous disrespect with the tweet, “Only fuck niggas take valid points and skew it into hate. Future is one of my favorite artists of all time Regardless.” If you haven’t noticed OG Maco seems to follow a pattern where he earnestly tweets whatever hate is brewing in his mind at the time and then back tracks only hours later after the backlash sets in.

The same night that Maco decided to take a shot at his more talented Atlanta forbearer, he also took the opportunity to chastise whatever fan base he seemingly has left. During his Future rant he went on to say, “U Guessed It was not luck. It wasn’t a accident. I made the dumbest song I possibly could on a beat full of bass and knew it would blow.” Maco then bragged that “I manipulated over 40 million minds and counting based on the exact same principles that I’m preaching. Who’s more qualified to say this?”

Maco’s logic is so flawed it’s hard to know where to begin. If Maco is so adept at manipulating minds than why did “U Guessed It” stall out at number 90 on Billboard’s “The Hot 100” chart after only 3 weeks? Maco did do comparatively better by reaching 32 on Billboard’s “R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Songs” after 4 weeks, but for a genius of Maco’s caliber shouldn’t he been breaking records. Maco speaks as if anyone who listened to “U Guessed It” is merely a pawn in his long form game, so shouldn’t a man with the ability to sway the masses have more than one song that’s charted?

Meek Mill

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The Meek Mill/Drake beef reached such a point of ubiquity that it seems almost pointless to recap it. Nevertheless, Meek Mill claimed in late July that Drake was guilty of using a ghostwriter and social media went berserk. OG Maco, like seemingly every other irrelevant rapper without a fan base of their own to mobilize, added his own spin on the allegations. Maco injected his name into the beef early on by explicitly naming Quentin Miller only minutes after Meek made the claims.

Maco obviously stuck his nose where it didn’t belong because Quentin clearly spoke to Maco behind close doors. This all resulted in a tweet in which Maco criticized Quentin for protecting his own interests, “The only reason I spoke up is so my friend could finally get his credit. But he being a punk as n*gga and won’t say a word. Still truth.” Obviously OG Maco couldn’t think beyond his own self-interests and realize that him outing Quentin might affect Quentin’s ability to perform his job. Nevertheless this is just another in a long list of examples of Maco trying to sustain buzz at someone else’s expense.


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Never question OG Maco’s ability to act in a way totally contrary to common sense. In his weirdest beef to date, OG Maco decided it was start to start a beef with his Quality Control label-mates Migos. What started this beef you ask? OG Maco made the totally banal claim that rapper Skippa Da Flippa started the term “dabbin’,”Atlanta slang for cool, and was mad Migos supposedly profited from it. As if the beef wasn’t already pointless to begin with he goes on to say, “I never got a dolla from any Migo but Offset. Free him. I’m starting to think them album numbers locked up wit em.”

Migos responded with the nuance one would expect of a group with multiple hits under their belt, “U Kno U Prayin Our Album Do Good Nigga We Pay Ya Bills #Rookie.” Migos effectively ended a beef that they were too good to even be addressing in the 1st place. While their latest album YRN: Yung Rich Nation did not do stellar numbers, it moved a respectable 14,596 units in its first week. Which once again placed Migos in a league well above OG Maco. Like almost everyone else on this earth.

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