Pop a Cap: Toro y Moi Releases ‘Samantha’ via DropBox

Spring for the more luxurious candle
By    September 2, 2015


Chris Daly┬ámet the plug at Spencer’s Gifts

Hey, kids, tired of ripping the latest tracks by South Carolina’s Toro y Moi when he drops them on his SoundCloud? Apparently, he got the message. Mr. Chazwick Bradley Bundick has taken some of his more recent offerings, thrown a few more tracks into the pot and now delivers Samantha to your ear holes. TyM is the latest entrant in the “Imma Drop a Free Album on Your Asses” club, having posted this 20-song offering to Dropbox via his Instagram for the less than financially secure crowd.

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With guests like Kool A.D., Rome Fortune, and Nosaj Thing, the vibe is always spacey and out there, genre jumping from backpacker hip-hop to tripped out bedroom beats, with multiple stops in-between. There are songs here to romance your significant other by candlelight, right next to tracks that seem to invite heavily psychedelic, mood enhancing experiments that involve hallucinogens, coloring books, sparklers, and troll dolls (hey, you trip your way, I’ll trip mine). While it’s not quite right to call this a simple sampler of TyM’s career over the past few years (though tracks were laid down between January 2012 and August 2015 in Berkeley, California), Samantha clearly demonstrates the breadth and depth of his musical reach these days. Impressive, that.

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