Just A Lil Bit: DJJ Knows That Summer is a State of Mind

French House in a theme park, thanks to DJJ and Crazylegs
By    September 10, 2015

Son Raw white tee so fresh.

Labor Day has come and gone, summer is nearly at a close, and we’re no longer allowed to wear white, or so my grandma tells me. For those of us who refuse to go softly into the icy clutches of winter, however, there’s DJJ’s “Just a Lil” here to make a late in the game play for song of the season. Ignore the “Outsider Ibiza” tag – there’s nothing ironic or sarcastic about Crazylegs putting out deeply filtered French House.

This comes from a place of genuine love: label head DJShandy played me this a year ago and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more enthusiastic about a 4X4 musical loop in my life. From there, it’s found fans across the UK’s underground musical spectrum and with good reason – it’s fun, you can dance to it, and it’s rough enough around the edges that you can enjoy those first two points without wondering if it’s a corporate product. Plus they shot the video in a Welsh amusement park.

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