The Diary of Junglepussy

East New York Style Stick Em...ha, hah, ha, stick em.
By    October 23, 2015

If only Junglepussy was born a decade earlier to serve as the raunchy foil that Cam’ron always needed (no Freakey). The potential for a “Crush On You” type duet between the two of them would’ve been scored a classic only matched by Trina Vs. Killa on “What Means the World To U (still the highlight of Sting’s career). The sexual tension would’ve eclipsed everyone but Daphne and Niles. Maybe it can still happen if Juju permits.

The internal rhymes and slow-rolling confidence remind me of Cease-A-Leo’s ghostwriter, but Junglepussy came out the gate an original — which means mostly impossible to pin down. There’s the usual influences of Foxy, Missy, Kim, Wayne, and inevitably Nicki that you’d expect from a 24-year rapper raised in East New York, but she’s blending them with self-awareness of the meme era. The visuals in “Dear Diary” have the tacky glowing waterfall kitsch of the “Bound 2” video.

The video has pastels, rippling clouds, burning candles, and rainbows and she’s dissing people for their Wi-Fi not working. She flips between flexing and dropping sharp one-line daggers: “some relationships are cut but others serve no purpose.” It’s highly sexualized without being cartoonish, funny without being punchline-corny, finding balance by effortlessly switching back and forth between opposite extremes. All of this is just words to convey what can be said in one sentence: Junglepussy is excellent at making rap music. Light up a Backwoods.

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