Best New Rap Group: Montreal’s The Posterz

A dope rap group from Montreal? I'm as surprised as you are.
By    October 30, 2015

I’m high on the Posterz because they seem to hate everything. I’m higher on the Posterz because they seem to be higher than me. I’m high on The Posterz because they scream “Fuck the Cops” in their hooks. Admittedly, they’re from Montreal, which automatically puts them under suspicion. Canadians gave us Drake, Abel, and Dov Charney in the last decade. They need to fall the fuck back, before they kill our American spirits with polite douchebaggery. We don’t owe you for Michael J. Fox anymore.

I’m high on Posterz because they can rap unlike the rest of the clones. In an interview, when the interviewer asked that most generic of questions, “What are you bringing new,” they gave the only respectable response. The rest are trying to copy Drake and Kanye. They’re trying to be original, to be themselves. This is easy to say, tough to do. And even though they remain slightly under the spell of K.Dot, you can see something special in them.

They produce themselves, they mock interviewers, they shout out Britney Spears and compare themselves to Brad Pitt and George Clooney. They understand the absurdity of everything. They hold live chickens in their videos. What more do you want? Welcome to the Junga, light the fire, exhale the smoke. They want it all. I wouldn’t try to stop them.

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