Durkle Disco Brings Bristol Emcees to the Forefront

Durkle Disco refreshes the British DJ scene with a well curated label compilation.
By    November 24, 2015

Durkle Disco

Son Raw returns to East village Radio for #BirdsInTheSky this Friday 8-10PM EST, featuring an exclusive guest mix from Coyote Records’ Letta.

Durkle Disco knows emcees: Not only has label head Koast hosted every type of rave in the post-garage era, but the label’s put out some seminal albums at the intersection of grime and UK hip-hop, highlighting Bristol’s unique contributions to UK rhyming culture. The label’s latest continues the tradition—highlighting how grime’s recent revival extends beyond London’s borders, and how Bristol’s darker, dubbier flavor extends beyond its instrumentals. Appearing both as a straight up compilation and a continuous mix by Lojik and Bristol institution Blazey, there’s a lot to discover here for listeners unfamiliar with this comparatively underreported scene. Tracks range from straight up grime to rootsy, dubbier experiments. There are full on bass-line assaults, with bars that range from Jamaican chat to the kind of hard edged, angular approaches that go toe to toe with the London scene.

I’ve been dropping selections on the radio for the past few weeks. This compilation comes at a time when too many DJs playing out vocals rely on the same 5 Stormzy cuts. It’s been a breath of fresh air. Cop the mixtape (or stream the mix) below.

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