Mt Si. — “Either/Or”

Either you're in or you're out, McFly.
By    January 19, 2016


If you’ve ever seen Classixx perform during the last two years, a perennial highlight of the stage show was Sarah Chernoff of Superhumanoids coming onstage to perform, “A Stranger Love.” When you blend tropical house, disco, and 80s pop, you need a singer to float above the synths and clouds. Her voice supplied the ideal levitation, one of those dreamy registers that makes you want to go to Thesaurus.Com to find synonyms for “ethereal.” (In this particular instance, I’ll go with “empyrean” for extra pretension).

So it makes too much sense that she and Michael David of Classixx and Jesse Kivel of Kisses formed to comprise Mt. Si. They’re named after a Washington mountain (hence the cover image) and their debut single gets its title from a Kierkegaard book or an Elliott Smith album — or most likely both. The hook goes “either you are or you’re not,” a black or white proposition splashed in florescent color. It’s the sort of beautiful pop song that you could imagine Janet Jackson or Mariah Carey would include on a comeback album if their A&Rs were slightly more savvy.

Their debut arrives Feb. 5 on Cascine. H/T via the Gorilla.  

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