Lamb’s Picks Vol. 1—A 2Pac Primer

Bow down in the presence of a boss player.
By    April 10, 2016

2Pac-Lamb's Picks 1 front

Lambo knows Jerry and ‘Pac are hanging in heaven together. 

2Pac is my favorite rap artist of all time. While critics generally love to point out his lack of rhyming “lyrical” with “miracle” as well as his constant usage of “enemies” & “Hennessy” as the reason they dislike him, focusing on technical skills and literary wordplay is missing his greatness entirely. He was the definition of a “feeling & heart” musician. Someone who could make you feel real emotions, simply by saying words in a way that complex human beings say them…with flaws. The same reason I prefer Neil Young’s jagged guitar solos to Eddie Van Halen’s or Bob Dylan’s off key vocals to Simon & Garfunkel’s. Why I’d rather watch a sloppy Mike Tyson fight vs. a perfect Floyd Mayweather snooze fest.

Just like one of my favorite flawed bands of all time, The Grateful Dead, 2Pac has an almost endless amount of material that has spilled out into the bootleg streets over the years. Collecting 2Pac outtakes & b-sides is like collecting live Dead show tapes, it’s an infinite maze of discovery, janky recording quality, and endless versions of songs. Here’s a small selection of tracks that I greatly enjoy for many different reasons. Aggressive, introspective, sad, happy, and most importantly…2Pac.

Lamb’s Picks Vol. 1

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