Fuck Donald Trump, Y.G. for Brezident

Doc Zeus explains his one-issue candidacy.
By    April 19, 2016

If Doc Zeus is gonna’ die, at least he shot the Mayor.

It’s Election Day in New York City and while the official candidates are so personally inspiring that I might select a random name out of one of Carmelo Anthony’s hats before I vote, the video for YG and Nipsey Hu$$le’s “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)” is so good that I might consider writing them both in on the Democratic Ticket.

You see I am a one-issue voter in 2016 and that issue is to prevent Donald Trump from destroying us all in a fiery, nuclear holocaust because he didn’t like the look in the Chinese Premier’s eyes while he moved through the handshake line at an official state dinner. Ted Cruz might be planning to install a dystopian Christian theocracy within our voters, but I’m pretty sure we aren’t heading for human extinction under his rule like we would under our Dear Leader Donald. Call me naïve.

That’s why “Fuck Donald Trump” is so important. It is message is direct and to the point in a way that most politicians have only tip-toed around during the Trump campaign’s inexplicable rise to power. “If you come to our hood, we will fight you for all that dirty shit you said about Mexicans, you fucking racist.” The video finds YG and Nipsey rallying disparate people in their home turf of Los Angeles in direct opposition to Donald Trump. “I’m about to turn Black Panther/Don’t let Donald Trump win, that n—- cancer/He’s too rich, he ain’t got the answers,”

YG’s message is a message that resonates personally with me as potential voter.

Fuck it. YG/Hu$$le 2016. Make America Great, Again.

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