Chester Watson & Jordan Raf Go To Hollywood

The two POW Recordings signees form the greatest buddy comedy since Jackie Chan and the irascible Chris Tucker
By    May 12, 2016


As you may or may not know, POW has gone from being an army, to better yet a navy, to better yet a label (depending on your definition of “better yet”). Earlier this year, we released Chester Watson’s Past Cloaks, which critics claimed to have altered the space-time continuum, lowered international miniature golf scores, and made God-fearing Christians convert to Witchcraft. Modest achievements for a 19 year-old.

Our second release is due sometime this summer and comes from Jordan Raf, who I once described as like “How to Dress if How to Dress Well was as good as people actually think he is.” Other analogues are a snuff tape of Grizzly Bear devouring Oneohtrixpointnever while being filmed by Werner Herzog. Trust me on this one, or don’t. It’s totally your life and you can like whatever you like. People used to like Yacht. Life is fucking perplexing.

The moral of the story is that Chester and Jordan dropped a song this morning called “Hollywood.” It premiered on Fader, and is probably something like a cross between Day of the Locust, Steely Dan, and Keeping up With the Kardashian’s. I am not biased at all. No sir, no me. Listen to it while wearing sunglasses indoors, smoking a Jeffrey, and lighting your nearest enemy on fire.  You can read Jordan’s note below.

I’m sure there are two ways people are going to listen to this song. the first being, wow he really wants to be famous, or two this guy is woke as fuck wow what a heart-crushing critique of the entertainment industry. Just like life itself, its not so black and white. It’s a sarcastic, somewhat satirical take on the repeated trope of making fun of hollywood and the state of the industry.

I tapped on Chester because he has the perfect lackadaisical flow and inflection in his voice to project that. Sometimes i’m disgusted by Hollywood, i mean i would’t be surprised if they cast taylor swift as rosa parks and it won an oscar. But for the same reason i love this place, god damn it, the blind confidence these people have in being so shallow and deceitful is astounding; and don’t get me wrong i want to be so insanely famous, it sounds fun. Like my own fragrance famous, but I don’t know what expensive depression smells like. Macy’s if you’re reading this i’ll be at a screening of Zootopia in Glendale, jerking off in the front row.

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