Paper Tiger & Chester Watson: The Origami Sessions

The new collaboration from Chester Watson and the Leeds space-funk six piece
By    May 17, 2016

origami sessions

Historians trace the invention of origami to Ts’ai Lun in China in 105 A.D. They claim it followed trade patterns into Japan, becoming a favored pasttime there sometime around the fall of the Roman empire. Chester Watson was invented in Ferguson in 1997, following smoke patterns into Georgia and then St. Petersburg sometime during the rise of the Obama era. The lineage of Paper Tiger dates back to a bedroom in suburban Wolverhampton, eventually migrating to Leeds sometime in the midst of David Cameron’s dim reign.

The three ideas converge for “Origami Sessions,” a new cut from the six-piece space funk travelers, who enlisted the monotone samurai for guest raps. I’ll mute the praise for Chester, because that’s corny and you know where we stand. Spring Mirage coming out May 23 on POW. Etc.

I’ll add the praise for Paper Tiger because it is rare for a band to make tracks with swing and groove with enough canvas to let rappers glide. It reminds me if Thievery Corporation came out fresh today, fusing several genres in fresh ways, without the baggage that trip-hop comes with. You can pre-order their new album, Blast Off here. Comes with a free origami jungle cat of your choosing.


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