Mid-Tour Snack: New Unreleased Gems from TOKiMONSTA

TOKiMONSTA won't let constant touring get in the way of releasing new jams.
By    May 23, 2016


Chris Daly celebrated Low End 500 in his Gaslamp Killer wig. 

It’s been a good couple of weeks to be a fan of TOKiMONSTA.  While in the midst of her own tour taking her both through the US and across the pond, the Los Angelina beat empress still found time to fill in one of those “special guest” slots at the 500th Low End Theory spectacular.

And if that wasn’t enough, Jennifer Lee has recently graced her SoundCloud with about an album’s worth of gems from 2008-2009. The music is split into two offerings, the cleverly named, five track Pre-2011 Unreleased Beats and the more aptly titled, four-track EP, Bedtime Lullabies. The world is a better place for their seeing the light of day.

Clearly, TOKiMONSTA was in laid back mellow mood when these tracks were cut.  While they retain her signature mixture of R&B, hip-hop, jazz and dance floor, these are some of the more down tempo tracks in her ever expanding repertoire.

Don’t let the otherwise ominously titled tracks like “To Disappear In Thin Air,” “Wine and Lurkers,” and “I’m Not Your Crutch” fool you, everything here is a twilight trek through hazy loops, crisp percussion and all the best parts of late night electronica.

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