Smile for the Camera: Joey Purp’s “Photobooth”

Paley Martin breaks down "Photobooth," the new single from Joey Purp.
By    June 13, 2016

joey purp

Paley Martin knows a word ain’t worth a damn.

Leave it to Joey Purp to call out a generation of Instagram posers and “photo thots.” On his new single, “Photobooth,” off his recent iiiDropsproject, the Chicago artist and member of Chance the Rapper’s SAVEMONEY crew tells us how it is one breathless bar at a time.

Biting through ripping, siren-like horns, Purp grips the Knox Fortune and GARREN-produced beat with a feverish flow. Chaotic and undeniably contagious, the track plunges into a combustible soundscape where only Purp would venture and still dare to speak.

In “Photobooth,” superficiality stands central. For Purp, there’s no shame in status but rather in those too thirsty for it. Somewhere between “finger fucking” and “flexing fragrant,” between Prada and Mazdas, Purp announces where he is, what he wants and who can’t hang.

In the wild introduction that is “Photobooth,” Purp cuts straight to the chase. The only thing he “never really need(s) is your opinion.”

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