The Fuck The Police Tape

A collection of the best anti-police rap ever made.
By    July 8, 2016
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Art by Lambo

The events of the last week are as tragic as they are unsurprising. Anyone with a passing knowledge of United States history knows that police brutality, targeted racial profiling, and racist domestic terrorists have led to the deaths of countless innocent people. The Omerta code among corrupt police officers, district attorneys, and appointed judges has allowed far too many of these killers to walk free. Coming from Los Angeles, this is one of the first truths you come to understand. The Parker Police department recruited Klansmen to come out west. During the Zoot Suit riots of 1943, the police basically condoned the bludgeoning of hundreds of Mexican-Americans. It goes even deeper than Rodney King and Watts and Rampart and CRASH. It’s the city where the original “Fuck tha Police” came from.

That sentiment feels all too real everywhere else. The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are the latest cold-blooded murders, but are part of a larger pattern that rap music has called out practically since it’s inception. The Baton Rouge district attorney currently preserving the thin blue line is the same one that prosecuted Boosie. These songs below are unremittingly powerful and hauntingly accurate.  They won’t make you any calmer during this time of immense frustration and rage, but they’re all that seems to make sense to listen to right now — preferably at the loudest volume possible.



  1. 2Pac – Trapped
  2. Boosie ft. Webbie – Fuck the Police
  3. Styles P – Fuck the Police
  4. 5 Chuckles – Da Po-Lice (phuck em)
  5. Run the Jewels – Close Your Eyes (and count to fuck)
  6. Dead Prez – Cop Shot
  7. Jay Rock ft. Ab-Soul – Fuck the Police
  8. KRS-One – Sound of da Police
  9. Bentley & Parallel Thought – 5 Cop Killa
  10. MD – Niggas Vs. the Police
  11. Freddie Gibbs – County Bounce
  12. Mac Dre – Punk Police
  13. Mellohype ft. Tyler – F666 the Police
  14. Killer Mike – Don’t Die
  15. J Dilla – Fuck the Police
  16. UNLV – Local 580 Fuck the Police
  17. Gene the Southern Child – Police Pulled Me Over
  18. Drakeo – Crimestoppers
  19. YG – Police Get Away wit Murder
  20.  Boldy James – Runnin from the Police
  21. Archibald Slim – Don’t Call the Cops
  22. NWA – Fuck Tha Police
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