Night Driving With Nosaj Thing

The new Nosaj track is the perfect song to accompany your summer night drives.
By    August 3, 2016


Chris Daly’s go to driving song is “Night Moves.”

Whether you reside in a concrete jungle or out in the boonies, the need to get behind the wheel at all hours of the night is ingrained in the American psyche. Equally important is the inherent desire to soundtrack such excursions for maximum profundity and groove-abilty. Of course, 1999 has come and gone, so simply popping “Pink Moon” into your VW’s tape deck just doesn’t cut it the same way it used to. So what’s an enterprising auto-audio-enthusiast supposed to do? Get down on your knees and thank your lucky stars for Nosaj Thing’s “Night Drive 001.”

The Los Angelean Jason Chung hits a Burial vibe on this synth-laden beat, weaving in and around corners like a well muscled muscle car on a lonely stretch of highway. Neither slamming the acceleration or pumping the breaks, your moonlight jaunts have never sounded so good as they do with this hypnotic exercise. Excellent for all sorts of behind-the-wheels encounters, so long as you’re not playing Pokemon Go at the same time.

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