Sweet’N Slow: Kan Wakan Drops off “Molasses”

Chris Daly breaks down a new single, "Molasses," from LA-by-way-of-Bulgaria producer Kan Wakan.
By    August 19, 2016

Chris Daly is rocking a Linda Zetchiri sleeveless.

As I’m writing this, Bulgaria has yet to win its first medal at the 2016 Olympics, though I understand they might have an outside chance in women’s badminton [ed. note: they ultimately won a bronze in wrestling.] As disappointing as this must be to the Balkan nation, there is reason yet for hope. As the games go more and more pro-dope in their ever going effort to seduce more Millennials, it’s highly likely that beat production will become an Olympic event by 2024 at the latest, and native born son Kan Wakan (born Gueorgui Linev) already is in gold medal form.

Currently training in L.A., the producer, film-composer and multi-instrumentalist has worked with such heavyweights as Thundercat, Moses Sumney, the Arctic Monkeys and the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. KW is getting ready to drop his sophomore album, Phantasmagoria, and if the first single, “Molasses,” is any indication, it may well be the down tempo album we not only need right now, but the one we deserve, as well. Anchored by the dreamy vocals of Elle Olsun, the syrupy effort is bolstered by a laid back drum machine and piano. (Incidentally, this jawn was drawn on his grandmother’s piano just days after she suffered a coma.) However, it’s the harmonica solo at the 1:55 mark that takes this from “just another trip-hop exercise” to some next level shit. There’s noting like a little mouth harp to push emotional pathos ever onward. You never know where the French and Russian judges are going to end up, but I’m scoring this one an easy 9.5 across the boards.

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