November 7, 2016

Chris Daly’s server was hacked by a basement dwelling Commie.

There are those amongst us that would have you believe that our Russian brothers and sisters are our enemies, cold-hearted and evil, the antithesis of all that America represents. Russian-born, Miami-based DJ Soulviet (aka TenDJiz) is here to show just how much we actually have in common, via his YouTube opus, Soviet Funk Trailers. Over the course of half an hour, Soulviet proves we all have a universal love and appreciation for ’70s schlock. He lovingly restored, mastered, and edited numerous flicks from the Cold War era full of all that makes life worth living: poorly choreographed fight scenes, furry hats, lots of fake blood, bushy mustaches, questionable dancing skills (personally, I’m torn between the chest spasms and Hindu goddess moves around the 13 minute mark or the unnecessarily happy rain dancing around 26 minutes) and a surprising amount of otherwise out-of-place Asians. Oh, and a paper cut-out cartoon cat.

Holding it all together is a surprisingly tight collection of funk/soul soundtracks, filled to the brim with synths, wah wah pedals, hi-hat cymbals, horny horns, and low end bass. Soulviet is to be praised for his sweet editing skills, as evidenced by the well executed cut scenes and shot line-ups in sync with the music, particularly whenever instruments or radios are on-screen. While neither I nor anyone else has any desire whatsoever to discuss the presidential election any further, I will say this—maybe the winner should consider DJ Soulviet for our next Russian ambassador. 

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