December 8, 2016

It would be both 100% accurate and a little unfair to refer to Boyfriends as a companion band to Tacocat. Though three of the members of the Seattle quartet are in romantic partnerships with the same amount of Tacocat’s personnel—and, in a bit of cute self-awareness quite emblematic of Seattle’s DIY punk scene, that factoid is where their name is derived—Boyfriends could have easily swiped their compatriots’ melding of surf and pop-punk and easily became a popular local band by doing half the work as other musicians.

Instead, their sound is threadbare and idiosyncratic, an extremely fun reminder that punk is not a genre that rewards studiousness over spirit. “Groovy” is a quick sprint of a song, fairly slipshod and overflowing with charisma, equal parts Orange Juice and Desperate Bicycles—with chintzy keys thrown in for good measure. Michael McKinney is a singer without a clear precedent, his voice gleefully escapes the margins, as boundlessly charismatic as any other instrument here. Infatuation is often messy but a great deal of fun, an avalanche of drunk dancing and sloppy makeout sessions. “Groovy” is what the heart feels when it likes somebody. If the heart made a sound, it would probably be identical to a melodica.

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