January 10, 2017

Kosher (800x800)

Paul Thompson is the east side’s foremost Kate Moss expert

The press release for “Kosher” refers to Young Thug as an “American rapper,” which is true, but makes him sound like an obscure novelist who’s finally being pushed out to the flyover states. On “Kosher,” he blesses an Atlantan up-and-comer named Prado Bans with the kind of guest verse that would have been eye-popping three years ago, but today feels like routine from the greatest rapper on the face of the planet. The cover art catches the two rappers’ faces as they stare at a woman’s ass, hanging off a Lamborghini door. They’re less lustful and more alarmed–fitting, as each raps as if he’s trying to catch a hundred spilled bands before they touch the floor.

The Rolling Stone on news stands right now has Emma Stone on the cover; inside, she recounts the book she wrote as a child, in which she imagines her anxiety as a monster on her shoulder. If she listens to its taunts, it grows bigger, almost big enough to crush her–but if she turns her head and ignores it, it shrinks and shrinks until it’s all but invisible. I say all that to say I don’t know if HiTunes will come out this year. But if it does, be ready to block off a week or two, max out your vacation time, and leave Earth entirely.

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