March 6, 2017

We live in a corrupt world. The Russians meddled in the US election, presumably with the knowledge and encouragement of the Trump campaign. Radio is controlled by a narrow oligarchy whose lone passion is to ensure that Big Sean remains omnipotent. And music websites are so overburdened by information that unless you have a publicist directing writers and editors to a Soundcloud link, the music gets overlooked. This isn’t a shot. When you have 7322 emails a day to respond to, it impedes your ability to dig for linen suited legends of the greater San Gabriel Valley.

I’m honestly just writing this because I have no other way to explain the fact that Suga Free dropped a new song with Snoop last month and somehow not a single person wrote about it or even mentioned it. You can’t get bigger on the West Coast, but I also can’t imagine Suga Free is paying for PR. PR needs to pay Suga Free. As you might understand, there isn’t much to describe about this song. It’s a slinky modern West Coast groove with Snoop, Pomona Pimping Young and the great Dejuan Rice talking about pimping. Suga Free remains a cross between Superfly, Snagglepuss, and E-40, but still silky, still hilarious, still slightly sociopathic. On any given day, no one has ever rapped better. Suga Free rapping about pimping is like James Joyce writing about Dublin, Paul Thomas Anderson on San Fernando Valley porn, and Neil Degrasse Tyson talking about astrophysics. When in doubt, you need an expert.

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