March 7, 2017

Over the last decade, rap witnessed a shift from the supplier to the consumer. The time-tested Jay Z to Jeezy narrative of the kingpin dealer switched to the unhinged and hooked. Or in the case of the illustrious Future Garcia, get you a rapper who can do both.

Shout out to Desto Dubb from Watts for giving us one the best dopeman songs in a long time and one of the finest lean songs outside of Houston. Lean may be a foul drug, rapper heroin. Wayne was its Charlie Parker, convincing an entire generation of rappers that it enhanced his creativity and turned him into the greatest rapper alive. It also led him to get so throwed up that he ended concerts for a year wearing a towel like a cape and bowing to Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You.” Okay, maybe it helped a little.

From what I’ve been told, this isn’t a pose. Desto is really born on this earth to sell juice, but this single is addictive enough to qualify as a controlled substance of its own. If LA radio wasn’t the most crooked and venal institution imaginable, it would already be on constantly. As it stands, it’s become an anthem on YouTube and Soundcloud (the original video got flagged for using content from the Noisey Bompton episode).

It’s nothing fancy. Desto shirtless in ripped jeans flanked by graffiti, and some homies, standing on a roof and in front of an ice cream truck. Bottles of codeine fly through the sky like purple pelicans. But the hook is perfect, he raps well, and the bars are funny. He claims he’s “the only Watts n **a that come out with a deuce/now all I do is sell juice to Jews,” Cut to a shot of a Jewish bro in sunglasses in Watts.It ends it with his mom telling kids to stop sipping, but encourages them to listen to his mixtape. Give Desto a Street Pulitzer.

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