March 8, 2017

Evan Gabriel is moving onwards and upwards.

Experience can speak volumes about a person’s principles. More often than not, it’s wisdom that separates veterans from the novices. For Pasadena native and MoFunk Records songstress Moniquea, this notion is close to home on her new 7″ single, “Already Done That.” We asked Moniquea about the song, and she told us,

“‘Already Done That’ was written with my mother in mind. It’s about the things she used to tell me while I was growing up as a young lady… The things I learned from what she told me; and, what I eventually experienced on my own – relative to friendships and relationships.”

Moniquea is gearing up to release her album, Blackwavefunk, due out on MoFunk Records June 2nd. The song “Famous” touches on the perils and pressures of celebrityhood, while “When You Are Away,” feels like it could power a party at Skateland. Most of the production comes from MoFunk frontman, XL Middleton, who split producer duties on “Why Can’t You See,” with Eddy Funkster, as well as on “Check Your Sources” with Moniquea. Turquoise Summers produced the track “Knew It,” which might showcase Moniquea’s most infectious hook of the project.

XL Middleton also produced “Already Done That.” He likens the song to modern funk that’s closely informed by ’90s hip hop, but mentions the song actually came to fruition unexpectedly. “Before finishing the Blackwavefunk album, we started on a Moniquea project that was more oriented towards the classic g-funk sound. This was from those sessions. I love the way it came out because it has a certain bounce to it,” Middleton says.

Moniquea mentions that her and her mother went through many of the same scenarios at different parts of their lives. The lyrics throughout “Already Done That” are testaments to understanding posterity, listening to your elders, and respectfully sharing lessons with others whenever necessary.

You can purchase the “7” single here.

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