March 14, 2017

Chris Daly bought stock in Snoop Loops. 

I have to imagine being Snoop Dogg is a pretty fucking good gig. Who else hears a random track played by the studio engineer just prior to a studio session and thinks, “yeah, I’m gonna tear the roof off that mother,” and then makes good on the promise? Falling hard for Lavender (featuring Kaytranada) as have so many other listeners, the Dog Father takes the track to even grittier levels with his very own Nightfall Remix. The single’s cover art by Joe Cool, the original artist behind the iconic Doggystyle artwork, mashes his signature style with the original IV album cover from which the track originates.

Then there’s the video, featuring Michael Rapaport in clown make-up getting shot by a cop clown while Snoop shows up periodically to smoke blunts and shoot a clown president because what else would you expect? Lavender has those underlying G-Funk sensibilities, so Snoop’s added verse fits like a glove. According to Brother Broadus, “I love what they do, shit feels so real. And when I heard the instrumental on their album, I had to do it.” Sounds about right to me.

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